Street Vacation Notice

Notice of Public Hearing:   The Tangent City Council will hold a public hearing on September 14, 2020, beginning no earlier than 7:00 p.m. to consider a City-initiated street vacation proposal affecting the portion of Tangent Drive located west of Pacific Highway 99.  This notice is provided pursuant to ORS 271.110.

Street Vacation Proposal:  The City Council has initiated the vacation of Tangent Drive right-of-way located west of Pacific Highway 99 pursuant to ORS 271.130.  The proposed vacation area  is approximately 60 feet wide by 204 feet long and is illustrated on the plat map drawing, attached as Exhibit A.  If approved by the City Council, ownership of vacated territory shall revert proportionally to the adjoining properties, with the north half (30 feet by 204 feet) going to the abutting property to the north, and the south half (30 feet by 204 feet) going to the abutting property to the south.  The City will retain a 15 foot wide by 204 feet long easement in the middle of the vacation area for public utilities.  At this hearing, the City Council will decide whether the vacation proposal meets the approval criteria in Section 2.900(3) of the Tangent Development Code. 

Right to Participate:  Anyone interested in this proposal should appear at and participate in the City Council’s hearing.  Written objections and other comments to the proposal will be accepted prior to the hearing by e-mail to the City Manager at or by mail to Georgia Edwards, City Manager, P.O. Box 251, Tangent, OR 97389-0251.  Any objection or remonstrance, made in writing and filed with the City Manager prior to the hearing, will be heard and considered by the City Council.