Planning Commission

Planning Commission meetings are held on Thursday nights as needed.  However, that may change from time to time.  Please note meeting are currently being done by Zoom. Please email or 541-928-1020 for zoom information.

The next meeting is Thursday April 8 at the Bass Estate/City Hall 32166 Old Oak Drive  at 7:00 p.m.  Limited seating, must reserve or contact georgia@cityoftangent for zoom information.

Titan VAR 21-01 Applicant’s Narrative

Att A2 Titan VAR 21-01 Application Form

Att A1 Titan Variance VAR 21-01 SR

PureClean Appeal APP 21-01 City Attorney’s Memo

Att MA PuroClean Appeal Planner Memo



L&M Periodic Compliance Review

SRL&M PCR 21-01

Adopted Conditions of ECU 19-01

Att A L&M PCR 21-01 City’s Acoustical Report Jan 2021 Att D L&M PCR

21-01 Neighbor’s Complaints and L&M Responses Att C


pc packet 1 14 2021


Planning Commission

letson staff report 11 12 2020

pc attachments 11 12 2020

Brown CPA 20-01 SR

Brown CPA Zone Map Att D Brown CPA Tentative Plan Map Att A Brown CPA Comp Plan Map Att C Brown CPA City Engineer Comments Att E

pacific landscape staff report 9 24 2020

Knofler Partition SR

TBP 40 Var Alternate Tree Locations Att B2

TBP 40 Var Photo Att B3

TBP 40 Var Site Plan Att B1

TBP 40 VAR SRtbp cond of approval 1996

Att E Knofler Review memo 061720

Knofler m49 order (2)

Knofler application application packet rev

Knofler application maps pg1 rev060920

Knofler application maps pg2 rev060920

Bagg Var City Engineer Memo Att D for July 2 2020

Bagg VAR SR 2020

bagg variance 6 8 2020

lm final decision 5 2020

Material for 5 14 2020

L&M VAR SR May 14 2020 hearing

LM Variance Review Memo 050520

19439 narrative_04-15-2020



LM DLCD note re Flood Plain

More Material for 4 18 2020

19439 narrative_04-15-2020 (3) 1



pc packet 4 14 2020

L&M SR for PC April 14 FINAL (1)

L&M ATT A Interim Order – first amend (1)

L&M ATT B Applicant’s City Council Update (2-24-20) (3)

L&M ATT C Art Noxon Final Ac Report (1)

L&M ATT D Kerrie’s final report in word (1)

L&M ATT E Eng final Review memo 032420 (1)

L&M ATT F DLCD note re Flood Plain (3)

L&M ATT G summary of requested hrs 04-03-2020 (3)

Application Material from Matt Smith from L & M Welding  March 2020


19439 part II_site plan review application

_03-09-2020 19439 part III_site plan review decision criteri

a_03-09-2020 19439 part IV_conditional use permit decision criteria_

03-09-2020 19439 part V_applicable development criteria_

03-09-2020 19439 part VI_status of cy 2003 cup-conditions of approval_

03-09-2020 19439 part VII_city staff application review comments_

03-09-2020 19439 part I_summary and intro_03-09-2020

2010 Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) changes – drafts