City Government

City Council
The City of Tangent Charter, section 11, states the city government is composed of a mayor and four council members elected from the city at large.

Each council member serves a four-year term, and the mayor serves a two-year term.

City Staff
Additional offices of the city shall be appointed and may be removed by the council. Currently, the city staff comprises a City Manager and Finance Director.

Planning Commission
In 2007, the City Council by ordinance established a combined Planning and Citizen Involvement Commission. The commission shall consist of five members, appointed by the City Council, and shall not be officials or employees of the city.

City Council Planning Commission
Current City Council Agenda Current Planning Commission Agenda
Past Agendas and Meeting Minutes Past Planning Commission Items

Governing Documents
The City of Tangent’s primary governing documents is the City Charter and Tangent Municipal Code. However, the City does have a Comprehensive Plan addressing citizen involvement, land use planning, housing, transportation, and more.

City Charter – Revised 1992 Tangent Municipal Code
Comprehensive Plan